A Bit of Background

Trying to precis how one got from there to here without grinding on, self-aggrandising, and or forgetting to give enough credit to those myriad helping hands along the way is tricky for many of us.

Briefly...and with Great, if unexpressed gratitude to the way too many and various to mention....

Brought up in suburban Bristol, then Cotswold edge.

Departed to Devon in midst of 'Hard Science' A levels in part to avoid inexorable slide t'wards a 'lab based' career.

 Knowing for certain that I was happiest doing stuff outdoors.

Initially it was fish farming, then free range pigs, sheep, dairying, agricultural contracting, horticulture, it would be quicker to list which types of  land based activities I've not had a go at...

3 year National Diploma in Agriculture at local college, including sojurns for work experience in Kentucky and Colorado working with outdoor hogs... An interesting experience for a twenty-nothing year old girl..

Many and various other bits of travelling about and general hi jinks as would (should) be expected from a youngster......Slotted in betwixt and between the labours agricultural.

I've always been a bit of an environmentalist. So that has in part motivated spending the best part of the last twenty years getting to the point where it's possible to own, dwell, andmake a living from 12 acres of grade I' agricultural land in a beautiful part of East Devon .

 This has been acheived by setting up, and running for the last thirteen years, a very local, organic veg box scheme, which makes a living, so long as ones material needs are modest.

Thankfully the fruits of ones labours' manifest in so many ways other than just monetarily..

Trained and qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher fifteen years ago, which pretty much puts everything physically and mentally  back where it needs to be.

Yoga has definitely stopped me getting broken in two by all the farming over the years..
And, I believe, (not having done extensive research here) that my trusty tractor is, one of possibly very few in Devon, purchased with the proceeds of teaching yoga.

Again gratitude, gratitude, and gratitude, for the universal generosity and support of so many.

From the teensy soil microbes that will labour unsung (if we'll only give them half a chance) on our behalf; right up to the higher organisms who will do the same; often in return for just a few cups of tea, a bit of a chat, and some vegetables....

Thank you; thank you ...All of you...


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